Gift Ideas

Survivor Shells

The perfect gift for that person you know and respect for having survived seemingly insurmountable odds.  Perhaps she/he has just come through a divorce or death or serious illness or surgery.  Maybe you someone with a chronic illness who makes it through each day and you see that as an accomplishment to acknowledge.  Certainly anyone having come into recovery from addiction is a survivor or one who has lived with an addict.  Let that person know you believe in her/him.  These imperfect shells were handpicked by one survivor who sees them as representative of living through life's ups and downs, being tossed around by the sea and yet still being beautiful and landing on the shore - usually on top!!

Survivor Thoughts

These attractive "flower pots" grow more than flowers -- they are filled with flowering thoughts to remind each of us that others have gone through difficult times before us.  The quotes on the "flowers" are statements made by people who have not only survived insurmountable odds but developed an attitude of gratitude in spite of them.  These thoughtful gifts would be appropriate for anyone who either already sees the positive in trying times or someone who would like to.  Sit one of these on you desk and watch faces light up with new hope as the messages are read.  This is also a perfect gift for someone in the hospital.  The messages might be read by the person in the hospital bed or by those visiting.  What a great way to remind someone you love that there is good in seemingly not so good times.

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